Reaping the benefits of temporary employment

The financial stability of a dual-income household is what many Canadian families wish for. However, the reality is that many factors often prevent one family member from working. Whether you are off work temporarily or have always been a stay-at-home spouse, finding ways to continue your personal and professional development is always a good idea.

Temporary work provides an opportunity to build experience and sharpen your professional skills. Statistics Canada is looking for individuals to work as enumerators and crew leaders for the upcoming 2016 Census. Here are some of the benefits of these positions:

Additional income: Short-term employment provides an excellent opportunity to supplement your household’s primary source of income.

Community engagement: Getting involved in your community is important. Census enumerators are responsible for identifying dwellings on maps, conducting personal interviews, and following up with respondents in person and by phone. This type of work puts you in a position to positively impact the future of your community, by engaging with residents and collecting information.

Personal and professional development: Census jobs provide an opportunity to hone important life skills. Crew leaders are responsible for leading, training, and supervising a team of enumerators. This type of position promotes leadership, organization, and time management skills, and is a great opportunity for those looking to re-enter the workforce.

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