Programs & Services


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We offer information and support for individuals, other agencies and governmentshealth/wellness programs for youth, and we have been quite successful in  and lobbying for change for people with disabilities.


Public Education Presentations

We provide organizations, schools, governments and businesses an opportunity to learn about the social and economic barriers people with disabilities  experience on a daily basis. Topics vary from domestic violence and abuse, accessibility, employment and other topics as requested.  

These opportunities can help to develop a greater understanding and dispel myths of people with disabilities. 


Disability Awareness Simulation Workshop

 These are selective activities that can increase disability awareness without attempting to simulate the experience of having a disability. The objective is to evoke thought, dialogue and action for society to move towards acceptance for people with disabilities.

In a disability simulation workshop, participants experience many of the barriers and challenges faced by people with disabilities without experiencing the benefits of adaptation and training, assisted technology, or human and animal assistance. This workshop also emphasizes the physical, psychological, and societal barriers faced by participants in various settings, rather than the perceived limitations of the disability.

We provide 1/2 day or  full day  workshop, a snapshot of living with a disability, filled  with dialogue and activities. Each workshop is unique to the participants environment at work or at school.

For more information or to book a workshop please contact our office: 1 877 569 3111 or in Regina 306 569 3111

Accessibility Audits

We offer audits to businesses, public buildings and developers to determine how accessible their establishments are to persons with physical and sensory disabilities. The results of the audits are shared with business owners, who are encouraged to make their premises more accessible. We are not affiliated with any authority on minimum building code standards or requirements, however we are familiar with the standards in the province of Saskatchewan.


Every year, we  field hundreds of  inquiries about Saskatchewan’s disability-related issues, programs and services.We do our best to respond and refer individuals to the appropriate organization or government department.

Depending on specific situations, we can provide assistance with the following:

  • Filling out disability-related forms
  • Helping people prepare for government program appeals
  • Providing information about disability services and programs

Our Resource Centre 

We maintain a library of hundreds of  disability-related resources. We also keep our website up to date with information and supports for people with disabilities. We subscribe to a number of disability related publications and resources in print form and some electronically.  Please feel free to visit us  at #201 2206 Albert St. Regina. 

Referral and Support Services

Our individualized services look different for each person depending on your needs. There is no charge for our services. We are well connected in the community and make sure you will be, too. Referrals can be made by family, care providers or social workers. We offer a non-judgmental supportive environment to connect you to people and places to assist you with your goals.

Recreation & Inclusion Programs


girl powerYouth Empowerment Series

The Saskatchewan Voice of People with Disabilities Inc. offers GIRL POWER and YES CAMPS for youth (14-29) with any disability as part of this series. These camps endeavor to teach and inspire youth through self esteem building activities and engage youth in conversation to develop self-advocacy tools and leadership.

These workshops, better known as camps are 1 or 2 days offered throughout the year. The camps are facilitated by trained personnel and volunteers. We provide transportation and attendant care if needed.  Participants must register for each camp in advance. We offer a full day of fun, recreation and learning!

    Some of the topics we discuss are;YES-log-colour

  •     Healthy Relationships/Boundaries
  •     Internet Safety
  •     Goal Setting & Planning
  •    Making Friends
  •    Asking For Help
  •    Trendy Technology


There is no cost. This program is funded through donations, and/or government funds. Camps are offered in Regina and Saskatoon. Other locations can be arranged if necessary. Please call the office to make arrangements.

Women Empowerment Series Coming Soon!

This program will provide opportunities for women to socialize, learn new skills and expand their knowledge with a diverse topic menu encouraging independence and improved quality of life.

Watch for details on this exciting addition to SVOPD  programs.