A Person Centered Approach

Facts Everyone Should Know 

  1. Person-centred practice is treatment and  services provided that places the person at the centre of their own planning or care and promotes self-advocacy,independence, dignity and respect.
  2. Person-centred care is a philosophical approach to service delivery and service development, ensuring that service systems are developed in partnership with people, their families, and/or their care providers.
  3. Person-centered practice  can be developed on an organizational scale, for example having an person-centred practice organizational policy; ensuring people are involved in decisions regarding their plan for services
  4. With consistent and persistent change to practice to incorporate person-centred practices it is foreseen that overtime this will become a part of organizational culture.

Person Centred  Philosophy Is

  1. Responsive to individual differences, cultural diversity, personal preferences and values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyles,preferences of the people receiving services
  2. Easy to navigate.
  3. Provided in the most favourable environment.