Reaping the benefits of temporary employment

The financial stability of a dual-income household is what many Canadian families wish for. However, the reality is that many factors often prevent one family member from working. Whether you are off work temporarily or have always been a stay-at-home spouse, finding ways to continue your personal and professional development is always a good idea.

Temporary work provides an opportunity to build experience and sharpen your professional skills. Statistics Canada is looking for individuals to work as enumerators and crew leaders for the upcoming 2016 Census. Here are some of the benefits of these positions:

Additional income: Short-term employment provides an excellent opportunity to supplement your household’s primary source of income.

Community engagement: Getting involved in your community is important. Census enumerators are responsible for identifying dwellings on maps, conducting personal interviews, and following up with respondents in person and by phone. This type of work puts you in a position to positively impact the future of your community, by engaging with residents and collecting information.

Personal and professional development: Census jobs provide an opportunity to hone important life skills. Crew leaders are responsible for leading, training, and supervising a team of enumerators. This type of position promotes leadership, organization, and time management skills, and is a great opportunity for those looking to re-enter the workforce.

Information on census jobs is available online at

5 ways to support your community’

Building and maintaining strong communities in the modern world may seem difficult, as we are all increasingly immersed in our own lives, families and technologies. There are many ways to positively impact your community:

  1. Shop locally. Buying products from businesses in your neighbourhood means that you are supporting local owners rather than giving the same money to big-box stores. When you purchase from a local business, a percentage of the sales tax goes right back into your community.
  2. Complete your census questionnaire. Information collected through the census helps improve important services in your community, such as public transportation, schools and hospitals.
  3. Become a census enumerator. Responsible for identifying dwellings on maps, conducting personal interviews, and following up with respondents in person and by phone, enumerators can be part of a positive change in their communities by collecting key information.
  4. Become a census crew leader. Responsible for leading, training and supervising a team of enumerators, crew leaders are in a position to build strong relationships and develop a sense of camaraderie in their communities.
  5. Be an advocate. Talk to family and friends about potential improvements in your community, and get involved in city council meetings to share feedback and contribute to real change.

Information on census jobs is available online at

What every student needs to do to land a job

The ultimate goal of every student is to land the job of their dreams. But for many students, the question is: “how do I get a job if I don’t have experience?” While today’s competitive job market may be daunting, there are several things that you can do to gain valuable skills to add to your resume, build character, create learning experiences, and ultimately find a dream job.

Statistics Canada is offering students a unique opportunity to work within their communities as an enumerator or a crew leader for the 2016 Census.

Build important skills

Effective communication and strong interpersonal skills enable you to express your thoughts in a professional manner, which is crucial for any job. Census enumerators are responsible for identifying dwellings on maps, conducting personal interviews, and following up with respondents in person and by phone. This role allows students to develop valuable workplace skills, including communication, interpersonal, organizational, time management and problem solving skills.

Take on a leadership role

When employers are hiring, they look for candidates who show initiative. Taking on a leadership role that you can talk about in an interview later on, will set you apart from other candidates. Census crew leaders are responsible for training and supervising a team of enumerators. This role provides a fantastic opportunity for students to build leadership and team management skills.

Gain experience outside your field

While it is crucial to have the technical skills needed to do a job properly, many employers look for well-rounded candidates with varying life experiences. Statistics Canada’s census jobs allow students to develop a greater sense of community by collecting information that is vital for planning and evaluating important public services.

Information on census jobs is available online at

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The 2016 Census: Join the team!

Looking to make a lasting contribution to Canada, its communities and its people?

Canada’s next census will take place in May 2016 and Statistics Canada is hiring approximately 35,000 employees across the country to work on the collection phase of the 2016 Census.

Staff are required for a variety of supervisory and non-supervisory positions between March and the end of July 2016. These non-office jobs will involve working in neighbourhoods and communities across all urban, rural and remote areas of the country.

Approximately 5,000 Crew Leaders and assistants will be hired to train, lead and supervise a team of Enumerators, while an estimated 30,000 Enumerators will be hired to distribute census questionnaires, conduct in-person interviews and follow-up with respondents in person and by phone.

The rates of pay range from $16.31 to $19.91 an hour, plus authorized expenses. Screening of applications will begin in mid-February.

Applicants must be:

  • 18 years of age or older prior to start of duties
  • a Canadian citizen or otherwise eligible to work in Canada
  • able to commit to at least 20 hours per week, including days, evenings, weekends and holidays, as required.

If you’re interested in working directly in the community, meeting new people or earning supplementary income, then this kind of work is right for you! Apply online at

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Generous Support for YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SERIES for 2016!

We have received generous support from the Community Initiatives Fund for offering YES CAMPS  for 2016. Thank you for your generous support!

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