Our Publications

Our Publications

Disability Directory

A resource for “navigating” systems that meet the needs, respond to inquires or provide information to people with disabilities and/or families.

Self Help Guide to Independent Living

A resource to promote self advocacy and independence for people with disabilities.

Accommodation Guide for Employers

A tool for employers for an accessible workplace.

The Life Story of Mary Frerichs

An inspirational story about one of our earliest members

Pro Bono Student Publications

SVOPD РRights of a Tenant 

A snapshot rights and responsibilities for tenants in Saskatchewan

SVOPD РWills & Trusts for Parents of Children with Disabilities 

A snapshot for parents of children with disabilities in Saskatchewan

Abuse Awareness Publications

This resource tells the truth about domestic violence and the affects it has on women with disabilities. It reviews your rights as an individual, dispels myths about domestic violence and provides steps to develop a safety plan. For a hard copy of this publication, please contact our office.

Living in Harmony

Living in Harmony – Dene

Living in Harmony – Cree

Living in Harmony – Saulteaux